Shortcut - nothing happens

I'm going through this tutorial and i'm stuck. It says; Merge all model layers into a new separate layer (cmd/ctrl+opt/Alt+shift+E). i'm confused. I'm working on a mac and i was wondering if the last part of the shortcut is for a PC user Either way none of it works. Nothing happens. Can you help I'm working in CS6

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How to select a layer inside of a Group, w/ shortcut?

Question: How to select a specific layer inside of a Group, with a shortcut Need a shortcut command... I can select an individual layer by holding CTRL and clicking on an area of the image (which is on a layer) in my document. This will direct me exactly to the layer by highlighting it (under layers). This makes it easy to find an area of the art/and the layer it's on. I am wondering if there is a similar way to select an image that is inside of a Group (in CS3) When using the CTRL and click on image command, it goes directly to the Group folder the image is in (instead of the exact layer it's on). I would like to have a command that will go directly to the layer in a group. I do know about right clicking on an image area and getting a list of the layers. I do not want this. Anyone know about this


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Friday 26th October 2012
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