Dataset in ADO.NET  

I am trying to execute the code below but it did not work.I want to write the changes to the database but it did not workDim myConn As New SqlClient.SqlConnection("server=ns1;database=dotne t;uid=sa;pwd=hiban") Dim myDataAdapter As New... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

What prevents me from reading the msysobjects tbl  

Hello,I've created an asp page that connects to an MS Access database. I want to read the contents of the msysobjects table and display it on the screen.Problem is, I can connect to user tables just fine, but Access system tables won't display their data, even when they are visible... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

DTS Import File Advice Needed  

Hi,Basically I just need some advice. I am using DTS to import a CSV file into my database. This import will take place each day, as a scheduled task. This import will need to totally replace what was in the table before (delete data in the table and then import the csv). Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

Login and authentication problem.  

Login and authentication problem. Currently, I have two seperate mssql db's, one of which supports the primary functions of my website, and another which is solely for a forum I have recently decided to add. I did this so that one db won't slow down the other. My... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

Inputing a date into a database(Access 2000)  

Hello just hoping that someone could helpi am trying to input a date into my data base but it won't accept it i have the format saved as ShortTimeand this is my code for it to be placed into the db which is Access 2000:p_date = Replace(Request.form("p_date"),"'",... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

Update ... from ...  

Hello.I am a little lost... in the use of update ... from ...Let us assume I have something like this:UPDATE parts SET id_geometry = b.id_geometry_duplicateFROMparts a INNER JOIN fn_duplicate_parts(@id_project) b ON a.id_part =... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

cross database join  

A query running fine in QueryAnalyzer creates an error "Invalid object name" when run through a Java connection. The object in error is a table in a database other then the one connected to. Why is this a problem from Java?I am using the same login and default database in Java, as... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

Connect to Remote Servers with IP Addresses only  

Unable to connect to server : Server: Msg 17, Level 16, State 1Server Does not exist or access denied.If i go to QA and just type in the IP Address in to the SQL Server dropdown box at the first screen and enter username and password i get this... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

optimisticUpdate and blocking problems  

The following sequence of events works fine using Websphere App Serv and SQL Serverclient gets update lock on table (ie pessUpdate)does a few updatesstarts new trannew tran does a read (optimisticUpdate)tran comits and first tran continues from where it left... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

Trouble using fn_get_sql to capture table changes  

I created an trigger (on insert and update) on a table that uses the new fn_get_sql function that comes with SQL Server 2000 SP3. I use it to record who performed what transaction and when they did it. It looks like this:--------------------------------CREATE TRIGGER... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

Importing SQL Database  

Hi,I'm new to SQL Server ....can anybody suggest a way for my problem.For some reasons I had reinstall all my softwares in my system. So, before doing that I have taken a copy of the MDF file I created.Now, after re-installation I want my database to imported... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

Invalid object name with SQL db  

Moved a SQL database to another server and now the website gives the following error.Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e37' [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'active_users'. /activeusers.asp, line 10 Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

Copy a Table to a New DB  

Hello All!Can anyone tell me how to copy a table from one DB to another in MSSQL 2000? I am mostly concerned with the structure and not the data. Both DBs reside on the same server.Regards,Michael Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

what if no results are found in SQL  

Built a search/results page using dreamweaver and ASP. newbie to ASP. When i search for a miss-spelled parameter or a parmater that does not match any records in my SQL database i get a 500- internal server error....yes show friendly http error messages is checked off. (I have... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

How to Remove a Validation  

I converted a database from Access to SQL Server. the Default value for one field in the access databasewas set to >0. Now the the database is SQL Server and Ido not know how to change the >0 setting for one field in one of the tables. There is no default value in... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

SQL Stored Prodcedure Group by and Sum clauses  

I have a SQL stored procedure that is returning results in a table as follows (Below): -I would like to have the results grouped by price so as it only appears the once. I would like to have it so as the copies and Rev totals for each price are summed up. To show exactly what I mean... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012


hi all,I am trying to get together a sales leaderboard, but cant quite get my head around it. i have: user_id - wk_id - sales-----------------------101 1 100102 1 200 103 1 300 101 ... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

Constraints by triggers  

after the bit field Locked is 1, no changes may occur to the record, the following trigger is the closest i can get to it, but now i can't put the Locked field to 1 either Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

storesprocedure variables  

Hi! I have a storedprocedure question. Can a use a parameter as a SQL-Command.I tried something like this with out success. Code: Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

Changing objects  

How can I change my objects from the name 'DSUSER.tblDOCUMENT'to 'tblDOCUMENT' all other DB's I've worked with has been in the second format.I don't know how it happened but this DSUSER. is in frount of all of my objects. Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

No log operation  

HiI have a database with full recovery model.Every night at 11.00pm performs full backup, and dayly every 3 hours performs differential backup, and trasnactional log backup performs every 15 minutes during a day.I am interested what operations i can not recover from log... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

Temporary Tables  

Does anyone know how to re-write this query so I can create a temporary table to insert information as oppose to inserting info into the Sclassnoprice table and deleting its contents each time. It is taking up to much space on the server by doing this and i've been told to create temporary... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

View over multiple databases  

i have 2 databases (on 1 instance of sql server) i would like a view in database A bases on data in database B 1) is this possible ?2) if yes, how do i do this ?3) how are permissions and user involved ? Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

NT Authentication/SQL Srvr Auth  

Is it possible to use NT Authentication on Database abc most of the time but use SQl server authentication from an ISQL command in a bat file? (I'm trying to avoid having the scheduling system that submits the batch file for execution having to have valid NT authentication credentials to the... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

executing SQL from ASP.  

Hi all, I have been stuck on ths issue for over a week. Here goes I have created a website using ASP and SQLServer. Users are all able to execute STored procedures on the site but as soon as they try to execute SQL from a ASP page they get the following error: HTTP... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

Unicode character support: SQL no - Access yes.  

Hello allI have a page with at the top, which supports Greek characters. All Greek characters display correctly in the page except those coming from my database (SQL Server). They seem like I didn't have set the codepage value. I... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012


I am a newbe to ASP and ADO. I am having a problem with an inner join SQL select statement. This is the eror: Error Type:Microsoft VBScript compilation... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

Microsoft OLE DB provider for SQL Server not available  

I have just written screeds to explain this very frustrating problem and the system didn't accept my login so here goes again. I am using codecharge studio to develop a web application and am having huge problems with making a connection to an SQL database. The problem occurs with... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

need help installing MSDE 2000  

Hi,I have to do this project for school to make a website something like www.workopolis.comWe have to use VS.NET and MSDE2000I m running winXP pro., have i do have a router, my computer is an AMD Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012

Date problems (again!)  

I am trying to use asp to add/edit dates in a sql server db. I can add a date fine using: - INSERT INTO news(news_title, news_date, news_intro, news_text) VALUES('The title of the news', '25/06/2004', 'This is the introduction to the news... Continue Reading
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Monday 26th of November 2012