when table purge  

I have set up code that whenever I user returns the site a new cookie is created(persistent) and the tokenis stored in the corresponding table in the database. Suppose that someone comes 2-3 times/day in the site,multiply that with... Continue Reading
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Monday 31st of December 2012

yo im new  

Hello. I am new to SQL. Ive browsed t hrough some things and have found SQL is not that difficult to pick up. I have a little... Continue Reading
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Monday 31st of December 2012

italicize fonts or italics words  

hello all how to make italicize the fonts or make the... Continue Reading
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Monday 31st of December 2012

Why is MS Access such complete garbage  

Every time I am forced to use this thing I just end up hating it. When Microsoft is giving SQL Server Express away for free why do they SELL Access? Why not eliminate Access and just provide a nice GUI for SQL Server? My latest headache?... Continue Reading
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Monday 31st of December 2012

mysql returns  

I have been trying to determine row effected in an update query. The code that I used is: function DoTest(){ $qry="UPDATE ib SET close='99' WHERE symbol='MCD'"; $result = mysql_query($qry) or die ("qry in dotest... Continue Reading
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Monday 31st of December 2012

Connect to two dbs at the same time  

Hi there,I have an issue to retrieve and store data from/to two different dbs. On each page at top I haveinclude_once ('/complete/path/'); // connect to databasemysqli_set_charset($dbc,... Continue Reading
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Monday 31st of December 2012

SELECT DISTINCT results too discriminative  

Hello fellow SQL-ers,I have an issue with a SQL script I am using in a data migration from an old CRM database. The table I am exporting from is the customer contacts table, so multiple contacts per company; and I want to create a list of... Continue Reading
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Monday 31st of December 2012

DELETE query criteria question - MS Access 2010  

Hello, New at this DELETE thing. I wish to write a DELETE query that will remove records from the 'REPAIRS" table. The conditions that must be met is that the "active" field = false in the "REPAIRS" table and that the... Continue Reading
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Monday 31st of December 2012

Update String sql server  

Hi there, How are you? I hope you are well. I am developing a program in C# and it's about Business card so whenever I receive a business card I can save it through this application. So I have an issue with the update string it gives me... Continue Reading
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Monday 31st of December 2012

need help setting up sql on a mac  

hello, I am taking a web development class and I need some help. long story short we are making an online store. We are using javascript, php, apache, ajax, and sql. the javascript I have under control at the moment. I have... Continue Reading
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Monday 31st of December 2012

Change cells based on count  

Hey,I am making a demo database and I have some really dirty data that I need to clean up. In the GEO dim I want to change all the Zipcodes with the count of one lead to reflect a zipcode that I can use in a map dashboard. Currently most counts... Continue Reading
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Monday 31st of December 2012

embedded secure sqlite database system for embedded os(TS-linux)  

any idea guys?this is my final year project,may i have guide from u guys........................ Continue Reading
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Monday 31st of December 2012

Is there a way to reset an entire column to zero using Oracle SQL Express 11g  

Hello all, This is my first posting on the forums. Here is my question: I want to reset an entire column to zero monthly. Is the possible using Oracle SQL Express 11g? I looked for a way to do it in the Oracle SQL... Continue Reading
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Monday 31st of December 2012

HTML5 Databases -- SQL vs Indexed  

I read about the HTML5 database feature and thought it was pretty nifty -- then I read that it had been essentially abandoned. Continue Reading
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Monday 31st of December 2012

designing my database  

Hi, I am designing a site to allow the uploading of demo files. I am targeting specific games such as MW4, COD4, CS:S and CS:GO to name a few. What I am going to do is display the game icons to the user. When they click that... Continue Reading
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Sunday 30th of December 2012

version to donwload  

I am little confused as to what MySQL version to download and install in my machine. In the PHPMyAdmin homepage I see this entry: Software version: 5.1.63-community - MySQL Community Server (GPL) As I understand... Continue Reading
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Sunday 30th of December 2012

Mode with multilple categories  

Hi, I need to find the mode of price for multiple different locations. The way I have the query now returns the mode over the entire data set- but not location by location: SELECT top 1 COUNT (*)frequency, price mode, locatFROM TicketsWHERE locat in... Continue Reading
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Sunday 30th of December 2012

resetting auto increment  

I have made a table with a primary key that is set to auto increment every time. As I am doing various test in the particular table, many times, I delete rows. I notice though, that the auto increment value never starts from 1(after I have deleted all the rows of the... Continue Reading
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Sunday 30th of December 2012

primary key as foreign key  

I have set a table in which the primary key(auto incremented) is also the foreign key, which references another primary key in the parent table. Despite I have made some insertion queries without problem I really do not know if the above... Continue Reading
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Sunday 30th of December 2012

stored procedure and join  

Hello, I am taking a class on sql. We are using sql server 2008 r2. We have a project to create a database and create 3 stored procedures. I have created the database as well as the entries for it. The stored procedures are giving me... Continue Reading
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Sunday 30th of December 2012

Can someone point out what is wrong with this cast statement  

Need to convert some columns to different data type, but this statement will not work. Any idea what I am missing? (mgmt Studio has the first 'CAST' and 'AS' underlined. SELECT CAST [ETL_ID as int] as ETL_ID, NAMEX, ... Continue Reading
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Sunday 30th of December 2012

Custom / Advanced Where Statement  

I?m new to writing SQL, and most of my needs so far have been met in the wonderful w3 SQL tutorial. However, I have a desire I haven?t been able to find a way to do, and I can't find info on it in the forums either. I have 3 inner joined tables in the part of the code I?m... Continue Reading
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Sunday 30th of December 2012

services column  

suppose I want to a store in a table a column that will store services provided by a service provider.But I do not want to a separate row for each service, (because each row will be assigned to a separate service provider). I want... Continue Reading
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Sunday 30th of December 2012

creating a foreign key  

I use phpmyadmin to handle the db. I wrote a query to add a foreign key in an existing table, despite getting a success message that the query was completed, I cannot find an indication that a foreign key was indeed created. I mean, phpmyadmin seems not provide... Continue Reading
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Sunday 30th of December 2012

SQL Server 2008: How to export SQL data to CSV file with headers using BCP  

I created a simple Stored Procedure (SP) that queries a table and renames the column names, and I'm able to push those results out to a CSV file *with* those header names when done manually.But when I try to export the results to a CSV file by running the same SP using xp_cmdshell... Continue Reading
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Sunday 30th of December 2012

query returns...empty  

I have a table, with one row in it, one of the columns is named bus_userstype this specific column at this specific row has a value of 1. I am trying to retrieve that value with the below query: Continue Reading
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Sunday 30th of December 2012

Can't create table  

Why can't I create that table? CREATE TABLE students ( PRIMARY KEY (id), name varchar(255) NOT NULL, email varchar(255) NOT NULL); every time I try to create that table the output shows: Error Code:... Continue Reading
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Sunday 30th of December 2012

SQL Injection  

So I've been warned a few times about this, and I was wondering, how do I stop/prevent them? What methods are dangerous? Continue Reading
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Sunday 30th of December 2012

Problem with select distinct  

Hey there, I have a SQL-statement in a stored procedure returning an employees name and his projects. The names are displayed in a list, and if an employee has n projects, his name is displayed n-times. I want the names to... Continue Reading
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Saturday 29th of December 2012

SQL cannnot update data from php session  

Hello everyone, please see these images on bellow : When I... Continue Reading
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Saturday 29th of December 2012