jQuery animate() in IE - JavaScript Help  

The book I am using to learn jQuery uses the following code:? ? $('p').animate({? ? ? ? padding:'20px',? ? ? ? borderBottom: '3px solid #8f8f8f',? ? ? ? borderRight:? '3px solid #bfbfbf'? ? }, 2000);It is supposed to add a beveled border to each p element on... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

clearInterval problem - JavaScript Help  

I have this interval...var update_timestamp = setInterval("update_timestamp()", 10000);and I want to clear the interval in a function called update_timestamp(), but the variable Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

PHP, HTML and Javascript problem with Select drop down - JavaScript Help  

Hi.Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum. My problem spans all three types.I'm working as an intern at a web development company and am trying to create a select box to contribute to filtering a table by country based on the country selected, but without submitting, so I... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Change the SELECT value in drop down based off of a javascript variable value - JavaScript Help  

I want to change the SELECT value based off of a javascript variable value.? For example, I wantvar myvariable = NULL;If myvariable = ONLINE do this: Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

fatih - JavaScript Help  

HELLO my friendi want to put textbox this php codes but it does not workfor this? use combobox onchange event i call "bul()" function but it does not workingTalep Form Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Advancing the Date to Show future Month, Day, Year - JavaScript Help  

Well I've made a mess of things, I've seemed to compensate for somethings but forgot to compensate for the end of month. How can I take the code below and use it to Advance a month plus adjust the number of the day that will be shown. So lets say for example. Today, its October 31, 2010 Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

function remove doesn't work, please help... - JavaScript Help  

Hi, If someone here is willing to help me I would really appreciatethe function removeInput() of javascript at below not work properly, what i should do?fields = 0;function addInput() {? ? if (fields != 10) {? ? ? ?... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

autoclose help - JavaScript Help  

Hi all, I have this: $(function () { var $alert = $('#alert'); if($alert.length) { var alerttimer = window.setTimeout(function () { $alert.trigger('onload'); }, 3000); $alert.animate({height:... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Basic JS Form prob... - JavaScript Help  

I have this code:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Please enter an address: ? ? ? ? Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Expanded Radio Buttons - Using other objects as them. - JavaScript Help  

It took me a while to figure this one out, and it still isn't exactly what I want it to do.//CSS#radioDiv {width: 402px; margin: 0 auto;}#radioDiv input {display: none;}#radioDiv label:hover {border: 2px solid green;}#radioDiv label.isSelected {border: 2px... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Some of my javascript does not work propperly in IE and Chrome but works in FF - JavaScript Help  

Whats not working is the sendships function and the getRaceInfo function? ? Register for... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

innerHTML - JavaScript Help  

Hi i am using a javascript where if i select something in drop down it display me a value assigned to it, i wants to change a div content which has also a form, select options and buttons, when i tried like this it did not worked if(document.drop_list.SubCat.value... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Getting the HTML from an external website into a JavaScript variable - JavaScript Help  

Hey All,I'm a complete noob with Javascript.How can I get the HTML from an external website into a Javascript variable?For example: Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Change body bgcolor once print() - JavaScript Help  

I have this i wish to change bgcolor into white once print button being clicked window.print()how can i do that??thx Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

jquery: Sliding a table row up - JavaScript Help  

Hello,I'm trying to use .slideUp() to smoothly slide up a table row with text and image, however when I do this, the animation looks very sloppy, here you can see what I'm talking about: Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

using PHP value in JS - JavaScript Help  

i'm trying to get the value of variable $y that loops up to 100My problem is that it's in PHP and it's below my is my JS , what i'm trying to do with this script is to totala couple of textboxes onchange..this is within a function... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Complicated problem - JavaScript Help  

I have a javascript page included with in a div on a second page. The 1 page has this code:If i navigate directly... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

changing javascript global variable inside function.. - JavaScript Help  

hello im trying to change a variable set outside of a function and calling the function with an onchange... i'm having problems getting the variable to changevar... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Setting URL var to a constant url --- changing textbox parameter - JavaScript Help  

Is there a way to set this javascript code to a constant url rather than allowing a user to type in the url address? var Drag = {}; var... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Dynamically resize fancybox popup window - JavaScript Help  

I've got an index.php page which then opens cars.php in a popup window using fancybox. However, the popup window is always too big for the content which is within it. I've googled it and assumed autoscale or autoDimensions would do the trick but unfortunately not. The content within cars.php... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

IE version 7 browser issue with jquery - JavaScript Help  

Hi guys,I am facing an issue here. If you go to this site, you test it out in firefox, safari and even chrome, my jquery form validation works.However when I tested it out in IE 7, the form validation function apparently... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Audio via HTML5 - JavaScript Help  

Hello All,I am attempting to create some audio tags via JS. I am using the following code.? ? ? ? ? var audioElement = document.createElement('audio');? ? ? audioElement.setAttribute('src',... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

alert box - JavaScript Help  

Hi ,i want to display in information by hiding background , so that i can get more of users attention.can any one has the script for this? take a look at attached screenshot with this.[attachment deleted by admin] Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

multiple div refresh - JavaScript Help  

Below is the scriptfunction refreshflag(){var totalx=document.getElementById("totaluser").value;var spx=totalx.split(";");if (window.XMLHttpRequest)? {// code for IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari?... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

check if the image is clicked - JavaScript Help  

if this image is clicked: Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

How to allow only numbers letters and (.,/) in html input - JavaScript Help  

Hello all,I have a php file where i have a text input box in html.I have the following code now that succesfully check if the input is letters or numbers. However, I want to include . and / in the allowed characters. Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Something wrong with jquery.validate plugin or is it just my code - JavaScript Help  

hi all. i am currently working on form and i am using jquery.validation.js.. i have placed this form inside an iframe so it will be fetched when i click a tab. my problem is, i did a little editing, removed some unnecessary css code. it works fine in... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

jquery hiding a dynamically generated table column - JavaScript Help  

I have been playing with jQuery columnManager plugin today I have been having a problem getting it to work... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

check box checked along - JavaScript Help  

[syntax=php]function chk_view() { ? ? var theForm = document.myform; for (i=0; i Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

trying to accomplish this.. - JavaScript Help  

hello I have a simple script for a progression bar the only thing I want to add to this is that when the image reaches the 400 and the progress bar stops to foward to a new link.. I tried several things without luck anyone can help? Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013