PHP, mySQL, and QuickTime links...

This is my first php app. I've got a details page which has filenames of QuickTime movies. I'm trying to make them open up into a new browser window of a specified size and play. I can only manage to get them to open up as a fullsize browser window, not the 400x300 or 200x150 I've specified. Here's the code I've been tampering with:

The only way I can get it to open in a new window is to add target="_blank", but even then, it doesn't open in the given size.

I thought a different way to go about it would be to create a php page containing the QuickTime plugin (which could also help hide the path), but I don't know how to pass the filename to the page in order to get it to work. Do I use
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mysql > php

HI ...I want to make a form in php that will allow my users to view, edit records from a mysql database Would this be hard to accomplish considering I do not know php. I have attached an excel spreadsheet of the form I want to create. You will have to rename it to .xls.


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