Please Help! Drop Down List  

Hi All!I'm almost done with this PHP script, except I can't figure out how to automatically populate the second drop down list "make" without pressing the submit button. I created the form originally with using "post" function. I'm kind of new to PHP...Any help will be gladly... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Flash detection and PHP  

How can I check if the user has Macromedia Flash installed on their browser, using PHP? Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

dynamic email  

i'm new to php but i belive there is a function which will dynamically send email(when the user clicks a send button) back to the host. anyone tell me which one? Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

retrieving info from DB and putting in drop down menu  

I have a dropdown menu that allows admins to change "user level status" from User to Administrator in my membership program. This page has text boxes that retrieve the First Name, Last Name, etc from the DB and puts in right into the text boxes. I also have a dropdown box with options of... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Select Statement Date Function !  

I want to select unique YEARS in a table..the date format is YYYY-MM-DDi want to list only unique YEARS and not MM or DD.So far, i have this:select distinct date_columnfrom 'my_table'and this lists all unique dates in... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Imagehosting scipt  

Hi,I want to run a free image hosting service off of my site (WNV2) but I can't find a suitable script. Does anyone know of a script which allows people to upload files onto a web server with limiting extensions... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Only allow A-Z,a-z,0-9 in text input boxes!  

how do i make it so that in php it checks to make sure a variable only contains letters A-Z, a-z, and numbers 0-9, and -'s and _'s and if it contains invalid characters (eg. &*()=+) then it exit; Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Save image attachment from mail  

Hi.I need a script which can fetch an image from a email and the text sent with it, and save the image as a file.I think a code like that can be useful for more people than just me Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

string replacing  

Dear friends hello,I'm writing a code to insert some data in to mysql database, I need to format the text entered by user becouse Mysql doen't except some characters like ' ; / " for this I wrotethe code as $strtext=trim($_POST["text"]); ... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Form Test  

I want to process a form using Post Method, but its not processing the form using the following script: - Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

changed variables  

when i am checking the path which is posted from a form in local it is working correctly. but when i uploaded the same file the pathed altered like this c:\kkkk\pppp\ooo\aa.jpg is altered to:c:\\kkkk\\pppp\\ooo\\aa.jpg when transfred from one form to another or another... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Search and Delete from a TXT file!!  

Okay, here is my problem. I have a txt file full of a bunch of entries like this:DFA1Sword114.00 Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

document.location in php  

i have a server running on my pc, so when i use Code: Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

'^[a-zA-Z0-9\_]+$' <--how to add space  

I have this part of code'^[a-zA-Z0-9\_]+$'but it only reads those letters, I would also like for it to read spaces, but there is no character for space is there? How would I do it? Thanks in advance. Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

include() not pulling file in  

I have a form which, when submitted, jumps to another page with a script which takes the inputs and adds them to an output string (an HTML fragment), ready to be written to a file ( and then included in "main.html".This is the outputstring: Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

IMAP mailboxes, INBOX and inbox  

Hi,can anyone explain why im getting both INBOX and inbox mailboxes when i retrreive them from my IMAP server in PHP?Best regards,matt. Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Adding +'s to URL  

This is what I am trying to do this:How how would I make with spacesinto Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Create XML from PHP Database Access  

Just was curious how do other people make their xml files in php - is there a better way than this PHP Code: Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

How to make my site searchable   

Hi,Does any body know of a way how I can make my site (intranet) searchable. It is a very large site with pdf, word, excel etc documents and should be able to search through them as well.A person should be able to search for a word or string and all the files, pages... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

credit card validation with PHP  

hey all,im looking into adding a store to my site, i was wondering(since i've never doen this before) how to validate credit card numbers. is there a specific company you have to send the number to or is it just some algorithm or what exactly is entailed? any help would be... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Preview Post Problem  

I have it working great! Except for one thing. Lets say for some reason the user wants to press back on their browser, the "Warning: Page has Expired " page would show up. And if they've previewed their post like 4 times, they would have to go thru 4 of those pages to get back to where they... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Hosting scripts!  

Hi!I?m looking for a script where my customers can change their dns settings, and also transfer their domains. (I have a webhosting company.) Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

How many pages are Session Variables carried !  

Hello all,I have a tiny question. I created this login thing with PHP. If user name + password is correct then the session starts : Code: Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012


Hi allcould some help with this prob please... probably a dead easy one but ... its a small program to scan a directory of its .doc contents and... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Images & Variables  

Hi there,I am writing a basic shopping cart and would like an image shown for each item.I have listed the location of my image in a table with MySQL db.For some reason, my images are not viewing. This is the code I am using:- Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

a nice news management script...  

hi, do any of you know of a good php news management script?, with enough features to make it easy to update news and stuff. Thanks to anyone that can help. Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

A little stuck  

Heya... I notice alot on the web you see things like which resolves to forumdisplay.php?f=5 right?How do you do that?? Im looking at implementing a mail script where:if url equals something like thatll call... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Submit Form Using Checkbox  

How do you submit a form by clicking a checkbox?ThanksTim Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Creating Static Formatted Page with dynamic data  

Hey all,I have built a little web based invoicing system, most aspects work fine except for when I want to display/print out the completed invoice for customer.I would like the display_invoice.php page/script to have Client details, Business details at the top of... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Wrong parameter count for file_exists()  

I'm trying to check to see if a file exists and if it does, display it, but I keep getting the following error: Wrong parameter count for file_exists(). Here is my code: Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012