Internet Explorer and Sessions  

I'm writing a script to authenticate users against a MySQL database. It works with Mozilla fine. When the browser closes, the cookie expires and the next time I go to the page, I have to log in again, which is what I want.In Internet Explorer, however, it acts as if you are... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

php include file  

Hello, how i can include file in php against a button pushing.e.g[code]echho " Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

I like to make a code for looking up whois DNS  

I like to make a code for looking up whois DNS File to see is a Domain Name bin Register or not.Can this being done? Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

vBulletin news integrated script  

I need a portal-type thing...just a simple script where I can post a news item in a hidden thread in the forum, then call that forum to the front page. I would also like people to be able to post comments, but have the comments posted as replies in the forum. I'm using vBulletin 2 but I... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

list menu  

I have a field called "grade" that has a value of either a single number 1-12 or can have a value of two numbers separated by a comma like 1,3.I need to display "grade" as a list box. I know how to get the list box to display the field when it is a single number, but can't figure out... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Sharing variable values between scripts when the value changes within the session  

What I have is a directory containing email addresses (stored in mySql). Each directory entry has a "Contact" link. When some one clicks on this link, I want them to be taken to a contact form that would allow them to send a message to the email address for that directory entry. I... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

HTML form to insert into MySQL table Problem  

Hi, I am having a problem insterting into a Mysql table using a HTML form. I have included the two files I am using below. The error message I am getting is:Error in query: . You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Very simple threaded message board  

Would anybody know where I'd be able to find a VERY simple php threaded message board, that works with WinNT? I have the lastest version of PHP and mySQL, but I would rather mySQL be not required. I would like it very similar to this:URLI would like to be able to fit it... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

display new record ID  

HI, can anyone help? I have a student databse with the unique field being the student ID which is auto-incremented. when a new student enters their details on a form i want the student ID for the record that is about to be created to be shown on the form. ie, if the... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Connect to remote Oracle...  

I get to connect to Oracle 8i Local DB with php_oci8, but I can't to connect to remote database. I'm using...Windows NT 4 sp6IIS 3Oracle Client 8.0.5I use a little code for to connect with ocilogon. Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

checking string length problem  

Hi,I have a simple string length check, but it doesn't seem to be working correctly. The code is as follows: PHP Code: Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

mkdir problem  

Hi all,I'm trying to create a folder with PHP, but the mkdir function returns me a 'permission denied'.I've been reading a lot about this topic but i can't find out a config: IIS on XP pro, php4, safe_mode=offI can upload, create, copy... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Setting cookies...  

I have on my forum a login system but what I want to do is log the user into the site as well as the forum. Is this possible or do I have to make a seperate login for the site itself?This is the current code I am using.... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

htmlentities problem, I have the logic down, not the code  

Okay, I think the title is bit confusing for this, but basically I have a message board that I stole a lot of ideas from this forum (as in its layout and stuff), and I was thinking it would be cool to have in the body of the messages, the ability to make special codes like you can on here [... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

How to tell if first time on form page  

OK, I have been writting some form processing code. It is straight forward. From a search page the user identifies a record in a database they want to change. They click on the record and goto a new page passing the record number in the URL like - form.php?recordID=34So on the... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

ignoring timeout on a mail script  

We send out a notice every day to about 350 subscribers using the PHP mail() function. Lately, the script has been giving my boss a browser time-out, which ends the script before all the mail has been sent out.I'm already using Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

redirect without header possible  

i seem to ahve the most problems here can u redirect php without using :header("Location: $new_location");i need it after refresh,... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

session variable database problem  

hello everybody,i have read through a lot of other postings in regards to forums, and I think i might have a basic syntax issue that i'm missing. what i'm developing is a customer form which will enter ALL variables in to my database, however I would also like to... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Formatting Time Output  

Hi, I am trying to get the difference between 2 dates to print out in this format:1d 1h 2m 1s 0d 1h 58m 0s3m 10s2s if the proceding variable is 0 then don't display it. But I am having a problem with the display and the time code because in the... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Need help with a query  

I don't know how many of your are familiar with Nucleus CMS, but I'm trying to fix a problem with a plugin for it. Basically, the following code is part of a program which displays all posts by a given author. Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Resizing images  

In my script, after uploading the image to the server, the script runs the system() to resize a raw, decompressed temporary version of the image. The whole problem is, the server doesn't know the command pnmscale.Does anyone know another command besides pnmscale to resize and... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

server session cookies do not transfer between pages  

The pages I developed use server side session cookies. All was going well until I had a power failure Sunday. On reboot when I use the pages each page creates a new session id. Is there a php lock file that should be removed?page 1 Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Page 2 - Dynamic playlist, from URL  

Quote: Now basically you can replace the 100+ asx files with the single... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012


Please Help, I created this script as part of my shopping cart system the script is not suppossed to echo the results of the database, but was supposed to insert the record from the query into another table, each time i run it, it redirects to the page I specified but when ever I open the... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Need cross plateform editor textarea for CMS and emailing  

Hi all, Anyone know of a good browser based editor to make a textarea into an editor, the same used in this forum to post a message, or like in email forms (hotmail, yahoo)?I am building a CMS in PHP and would like people to format some text in textarea and submit a... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

can't load GD on IIS6 (PHP as ISAPI)  

Hi, I can't load the GD extension on my windows 2003 server. PHP is installed as a ISAPI module. i did it easily on my other server (IIS 5 on XP pro). I have all my DLLs in c:\PHP *and* in c:\win\system32, i have uncomented the line to load the GD... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Query/count/loop issue  

I have a table that collects user_ids that correspond to a vote for that user's post. The issue I'm having is in displaying by vote order those users just once ... I'm limited in knowing which functions/arguement to use to loop the query and only display the user once, even though there... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Where to make the mysql db connection  

fairly new guy here:I've create a class with several functions.some functions will be general table queries and updates etc.Many functions will not be using the database at all.My question is where should I do the actual mysql connections? ie... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

Using php to connectto mysql  

This is my first time install mysql server on my PC. It's running windows NT. I am able to connect using the client, but am not able to connect using the php script. This script works on other servers. Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012

More than 1 Column  

Im wondering how do i get more than 1 record on a row because i can only seem to be able to get one! Continue Reading
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Wednesday 24th of October 2012