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OK, here's the situation:

I am in the process of building a shopping cart web application in .NET, using two separate platforms. Our development environment uses .NET Framework 2.0 and Internet Information Server 5.1 under Windows XP Professional with SP2, while our target (production) server is .NET Framework 2.0 and IIS 6.0, under Windows 2003 with SP1.

The code consists of a couple of compiled classes and some files, all of which were built as projects in Visual Studio 2005 on the development platform. of the class projects were setup with strong names through VS 2005, along with the required .snk keys. So far so good.

I'm able to add the built assemblies to the Global Assembly Cache on the development platform without any problems, as this cart is to be used with several individual websites. I added the assemblies through the .NET Configuration Manager provided with Adminstrative Tools. Again, so far so good.

The problem starts when moving everything over to the production server. From what I understand, I should be able to copy over the assemblies and register them directly with the Global Assembly Cache on the production server in the same manner. When I try to add my assemblies to the GAC, however, I get an error message saying that they could not be added and that "The assembly must have a strong name (name, version and public key)." This message persists even after I have moved the .snk key files over to the production server as well.

Any idea why the production server doesn't see the assemblies as strongly named, while the development server works with no problem Am I just not deploying the files properly, or is this an issue with Visual Studio 2005 Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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