Confused about Stored Proc and SQL Params

I am making a scheduling program and have run into some problems with logic.
I populate a dropdown with all possible rooms in the school and then based on the dates chosen to book a new class, the dropdown removes the ones that conflict, leaving all available rooms. That works.

Now I trying to add some more to it. When they fill out the form, if they check off a litepro (video projector) then the rooms that do not have one should also be removed. There are also several more options that need to be consider and checked for. Currently, I am running a Stored Procedure that does the date checking. I thought I could just rewrite it and then choose the SP I want depending on some if statements. How do you do it Is this the normal way
Posted On: Saturday 3rd of November 2012 12:50:06 PM Total Views:  220
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