[2005] ADO.NET SQL Tutorial Question

Double click the command button. This will open up the code view and add the event handler for the button's click event. To make some of the coding more efficient, add a constant at the top to hold the connection string. This assumes the SQL Server is the local machine and has been set up with the current user as a valid user of the server and uses Windows Authentication. Naturaly you should adjust the ConnectionString to fit your needs. VB Code: Public Class Form1 Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form Private Const MyCONNECTIONSTRING As String = "Server=(local);Database=Northwind;Trusted_Connection=True"
Thats what it says right, and thats all cool, but im setting up a SQL database thats based on the server of our company. So, how do i setup that code to suit that
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