[oracle 10g]Access rights after import  

Hello,I am a beginner with Oracle so I have a newbee question ... One of our customer send us an dump of his database (DMP file created with command EXP). In his database, tables are owned by user AAA.I created a user AAA and a user BBB then I (successfully)... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

[Oracle 817 EE] default schemas and users  

hello guys,I installed a test server for an application, I created a database with the 8i scripts, but I have some schemas and users that I don't use. I will import a schema in the database, so I only need this schema, wut can anybody explain me, what all these schemas and users are... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

[RMAN8i] Backups retention  

Hi everybody and Happy New YearI have the following problem : I want to delete some of my old backupsests. The script below is the spool of an SQL script that is run against RMAN. May some one help me to understand.Thanks in advance.Gestionnaire de... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

[SQL] Select Distinct Values from one Column and Output SQL to Multiple Columns  

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Monday 24th of September 2012

[StandbyDB] shows logs in double, one applied, one not.  

I have multiple old logs that are always showed as non applied. (My actual sequence# is 11796.) The standby db is running fine.If I look closer, in fact I have all theses logs in double, with the same name. One applied, and one not. (See the second query.)Theses logs... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

[Urgent]Error Installing Oracle 9ias on Aix 4.3  

Hi All,I have been trying hard for the last couple of days to install only the HTTP option of Oracle 9ias on my AIX machine which has 72GB of HDD and 1 GB of RAM . But every time I start installing the installation hangs( about 80% complete) with the error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012


can anbody explain me what this parameter does? I researched oracle but I couldnt find much info on i.t Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

_gc_integrity_checks=false, meaning and effects  

We have upgraded our 3 node RAC from to, A week later we updated our code then we started getting ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kclchkinteg_18], [], [], [], [], [],[], ] ... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

_optimizer_cost_based_transformation = off / _optimizer_push_pred_cost_based = false  

Hello,3 questions:1. What is the meaming of_optimizer_cost_based_transformationand_optimizer_push_pred_cost_basedparameters?2. What is the consequences of setting the either one on the instance level?3. Is there an info source about hidden... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012


Does anybody have any experience with the init.ora parameter "_optim_peek_user_binds" on 9.2? We're getting some funky plans on certain statements that are obviously using the wrong plan. When we flush the shared_pool and reexecute the SQL, the plan goes back to what it should be. We are... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

_system_trig_enabled = false  

Oracle am preparing to migrate a 9i database from DEC Alpha OSF/1, r1.1-8.1.0 to HP-UX B.11.23 U ia64.Due to the fact they are different platforms, I will need to do the export/import dance.My questions: 1) I would like to try a FULL import, do... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012


Hi!Working on Oracle v8i with OS as NT!I have this query:1.Say My Application developers would like to execute TKPROF utility to tune few sql queries!I tried to change the INIT.ORA parameter on the server -_TRACE_FILES_PUBLIC... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

DBW0: terminating instance due to error 472.  

My windows db (9i) was terminated due to 472. I was able to restart the db but I have no idea why yet. Can anyone tell me what this message means? :( Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

and # simbol mixing up  

Hi there friendsI was wondering if anyone could shed any light on this problem.When I insert data which contains a ? symbol (I'm in Scotland)into a varchar2 field it comes back to me as a #, $ come back as $I'm running Oracle7.3 and my nls settings are Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

Is there a way to automatically execute a SQL script  

I need to find a way to automatically make a script run against a certain instance on my dB. Is it possible? Is it possible to run scripts from the command line? SVRMGR? SQL Worksheet? SQLPlus?Any ideas are welcome! Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

How to ask questions in a forum!! Newbees and exp. people pay attention!  

Newbie?s and exp. but lazy people pay attention!Considering all the laconic answers and grunts that the newbie?s and lazy people had to face from the seasoned members. I thought all the newbie?s and others alike must take a good look at this?Because I'm... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012