XML files into Oracle Tables  

Is there any way I can able to load XML files into Oracle 8.1.7 tables( Win NT)?ThanksParesh Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

XML parser for PL/SQL in database  

Hi,Anyone can give what are the Risks and security issues involved while downloading and installing XML parser for PL/SQL on database....Our data are confidential....Need reply fast please...Thanks in advance.Thanigai. Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

xml question  

hai,Like in the XMLType column , i store the xmlformated data as such.And is it possible to query only required elements from the stored data .Using XPAth or something .I have no idea.Is it possiblecheers Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

XML Schema References  

I loaded an XSD into database table for validating incoming XML, but that XSD have an reference to another XSD.How to handle these references?Help me ASAP. Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

XML Storage as BLOB or XML  

What are the pros and cons of storing XML data (zipped form) in Oracle as a BLOB?So also, what is the advantage 'n disadvantage of storing XML data as XML using the XML data type in Oracle v9.2 onwards?I'm looking for some document on this comparison.Thanks... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

XML storage in 8i - HELP!  

Management have asked me for opinions on a proposed solution they're looking at. We currently runs applications built in VB using 8i. We are tendering for a new system and the cheapest bid so far is for a confusing XML based application that - get this! - stores the data in flat text... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

xml to oracle  

does any body has experience loading data from xml files to oracle malutiple tables. Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012


Is there any link or information on XML-QL ?Thanx Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012


Working with XML DB.Has anyone been able to use partition tables on an XML DB?Thanks.Joseph Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

xmlparser installation for 817 on NT  

I need to install xmlparser into a database 817 on NT. please give me some instructions! Where to find readme file?This is very urgent for me!thank you! Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

XOR 3 columns, one has to be set  

Hey there,I have to check via constraints if one of three references is set.For example: I have three columns, id1, id2 and id3.One of this 3 columns have to be filled with an id. The other two columns have to be null (like xor).Any idea how I can check this via a... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

X_$ Missing  

OS=> HP-UX 11.00ORA=> 8.1.7I seem to be missing certain x$ files ie. sys.x_$kglcursor,sys.x_$ksmspr,etchave they been renamed in this version or just not created ???Is there a file I should load ? Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

year update  

I have a column with date 'mm/dd/yy'. Now I want to update year for the whole column from 2001 to 2002. How could I do it in once? Thank you! Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

Yesterday's date cal in sun unix  

Hello!I am using SUN Solaris 2.6Trying to calculate 'yesterday' date via shell program. I am using Bourne shell. Please help. By the way any one know any good sun forum like this one.Thanks, in advance! Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

You know  

You can drop the column from your tableALTER TABLE EMP DROP(EMP_CODE); Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

your advice on 10g ASM configuration books  

Hi friends, Could you please tell me few oracle 10g books where we can configure ASM and install 10g RAC on windows 2003 server .appreciate your advice a lot. have a great day . Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

Your favorite tuning paradigm   

I found a job that will give me all of the experience of a TUSC roadwarrior but without the road. Remote DBA for 30 clients.So this means I need to ramp up skills fast, they could throw anything at me.What is your favorite tuning methodology ?Who wrote the... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

Your Opinion - Disk  

(9.2 on Solaris)Our disk configuration is as follows. We have 2 logical disks each consisting of 4 physical disks configured with RAID5./d01user_data.dbf tools.dbfhk_data.dbftemp_01.dbfredo01a.log system_01.dbfstage_data.dbf Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

Your opinion on the following design  

(Solaris 9.2) What is your opinion please on the following design? We are truly a hybrid implementation (as dictated by our business) between OLTP and real-time reporting.1. Production OLTP database is on "box 1"2. Implement Dataguard from the production dB on box 1 to... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

Your Opinion please  

We have a user that has a quota. This user owns two tables in the database. Every night we have some files come in that get loaded into each table by SQL Loader. The other day the first load blew up but the second worked fine. The error message in the SQL Loader file said that the user's quota... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

Your Opinion: RMAN to tape or disk  

My thinking is that if I write the backup sets to disk and then allow the media management software, a short time latter, write to tape that 1. I have two copies of the backup (disk and tape) and 2. faster recovery because the backups are already on disk - don't have to pull them off th... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

your problem : the tbs is dropped!  

how to recover?? no archive no previvous backup( including export) have an old backup since 8/15...So use this old backup to recover with a lost of data...I would like to know any magic tool that can read from datafile and generate text format from empty logical... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

YY dates comparing 2001 & 2099!!  

Hi,I hope someone can help me with this. I have 2 date fields that are FTP'ed from a main frame. The date format is mm/dd/yy on both fields. How can I get Oracle to force "19" prefix on the 09/01/99 field and "20" on the 09/01/01 field?Thanks!Tracy Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012


Has anyone used Zenoss Enterprise Edition ZenPacks to monitor Oracle databases?We are looking for a management/diagnostic tool. We have looked at OEM and Confio as well. I just wondered what people thought of Zenoss for monitoring Oracle. Thanks!Jodie Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

Zero or missing cardinality  

Hi,Could anybody explain in detail this output of Oracle Expert?:This table contains columns with zero or missing cardinality. If the actual table columns contain non-null data, then zero cardinality settings may cause Oracle Expert to exclude... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

zip utility  

Hello everyone,Does anyone know of any zip utilities that can work on 20Gigs+ files? I need a zip utility for any of the Windows OS. Winzip has a 2Gig or 4Gig max. Thanks in advance. Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

[817 NT] Error message when launching svrmgrl  

Hi all,I just installed Oracle 8.1.7 EE NT version on my notebook to see what it looks like. Installation was fine, but it did not install a sample database.When I start svrmgrl, I have this message :ORA-12560 : TNS : erreur d'adapteur de protocole Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

[email Server] Can't login in Thin Client with existing user  

Hello!I've set up an iAS Email Server. It works when I try to send/receive mail from the Outlook Express Client.I Have 3 users (gert2, suzy2, ilse2)When I go to the thin client (host:7777/esclient/templates/login.jsp) I can see the login page. But when I try to... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

[HELP] IMP-00017: following statement failed with ORACLE error 4068:  

Running Oracle 8.1.7 on Windows 2000 x86 Serverand trying to import a schema dump I get the following error:What could be the problem?Connected to: Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release - ProductionWith the Partitioning optionJServer... Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012

[no text] : Pando, what about the rollup   

? Continue Reading
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Monday 24th of September 2012