ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row  

I am returning the ORA-01427 after running the query below. Can someone help me understand why I am returning the error and how to address it. Thank b.value ,, p.value ...... (case when p.value 'G2' then null else (select c.oldvalue from... Continue Reading
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Friday 28th of December 2012

record the modified database  

hello Can someone show me a code to record a modified dataset in an oracle database I write a web method to do it, which work good with ms access but not with oracle 8i If you want my code, I wrote yesterday one the post intitled "update oracle data base" pleaz I need a big... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Wildcard SELECT in MySQL  

I have a search page in ASP that has three fields users can search under but can also leave blank if they want to. My problem is I want to have a SELECT statment that can do wildcards but I am not sure if thats possible or if I just cant get it to work. For instance here is... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

DESC statement not working   Hi I am trying to get definition of table with basic command - DESC MYTALBE System throws following error - System.Data.OracleClient.OracleException: ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement I am able to connect to Oracle database as other queries running fine. Thanks for the for...Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Multiple statement SQL calls  

I'm having trouble sending a multi-statement SQL procedure to my MySQL server. The following is the statements I'm sending: SET @UserName := ?; SELECT * FROM Users WHERE UserName = @UserName; And here is my error message: ERROR [42000] [MySQL][ODBC 3.51... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

accessing more then one database type  

Is it possible to creat an application such that it could be run on any database... either Access , MySql.. or any other type... if so how would i be able to set up the connection in that case... And is it possible to not hardcode the address to the database and instead have... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Problem with DataReader for MySql using CoreLab  

Hi, I'm having trouble reading values from DataReader (either using IDataReader or MySqlDataReader of CoreLab) using Column Names. Apparently, when I try the following: dr["Column1"] the DataReader will read Column0 instead of Column1. It works when I try the following:... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Urgent...Database Linking  

I have two data bases (oracle 8.1.7) and they are connected together by the database link. There is a table named 'Rights' of database 'A' and there is a view whose synonym is 'Employees' and it is present in databse 'B'. i want to run following query from ASP.Net page:... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Okay, Okay, New Plan . . .  

Where is the best place to define a global connection string anyway? In the the Global.ASAX? If so, where? In the Application Start, or the Session Start. I'm a Newbie, and a spaz, and I can't figure it out. Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

I connected to MySQL but it shows a blank page, no records... HELP  

Well, below is the VB code I used to connect to MySQL database on my isp server: Sub Page_Load() dim ConnStr as string = "Driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};Server=localhost;Database=test;uid=zmijasu;pwd=;option=3" dim con as new OdbcConnection(ConnStr)... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Matisse for .NET with Eiffel  

Hello, I'm trying to use Matisse database for .NET with Eiffel .NET. Matisse supports .NET by two components; .NET assembly for database access and code generation of user classes. The code generation is done only for C# and VB.NET (not for Eiffel). I asked the Matisse... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Sql and coolmenu  

Hi Is there any won that now a program I can use to make cool menu and speak sql. Per-Anders Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

ORA-12638: Credential retrieval failed  

I am getting this error, which typically means that the user name and/or password is wrong, however this is not the case. I am using the OracleConnection object and i can hit the DB and open a connection from the server, so what are the possible causes for this? Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

DB2 connectivity with .NET - Regarding  

hai, i am interested to develop an application that works on IBM DB2 as database with .NET front-end. I need the details here the connectivity of application with IBM DB2 (which is running now in MS-Windows.). Thanking you. T.Ramkumar. Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Equivalent of COM w/ATL & OLEDB in VS .NET 2003  

Hello all, I hope someone can point me in the right direction! I wrote a web application last year in Visual Studio 6.0. It uses ASP & JScript for the UI. I wrote a DLL component in Visual C++ 6.0, using the ATL with OLE DB, to talk to an Oracle 8i database. The ASP pages... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

inserting a date  

How in gods name do I insert a date into MySQL. If I try to insert "11/10/2003" , European, it inserts it in "2003-11-10" format. If i insert "31/10/2003", it inserts "0000-00-00". Whats happening ??? Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Storage Limit of a DataSet  

I'm using an Oracle Store Procedure for retrieve a set of records, each record has near of 14 fields, some of then are of varchar2(200) type, I run from ASP.NET the Store Procedure with the OracleDataAdapter object and I use the Fill method to populate a DataSet, when I try... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Where is "System.Data.OracleClient"  

I have .NET Framework 1.1.4322 installed on my system. Says that "System.Data.OracleClient" and "System.Data.Odbc" are part of .NET 1.1 version. But I couldn't find them. Something wrong with my configuration? Or should I download the namespaces separately? Where? Please... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Oracle professionals: How to log in as NT user  

i log in in oracle database use this in sql+ : username:/@test passowrd:null host string:null when i write command SQL>show?user;user?is?"NT$ORACLE065" the sql+ get from nt domain the user name and password until this its no problem but i want... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Can you create a temp table in an Oracle Stored proc  

Something like this PACKAGE BODY "RULES_ENGINE" AS PROCEDURE spProcessBetaData (inst_code IN VARCHAR2, category_code IN VARCHAR2, io_cursor IN OUT t_cursor) IS v_cursor t_cursor; BEGIN /*-- 1 - create a temp table*/ CREATE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE temp_rules_engine ( form_code... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

ORACLE ODBC DRIVER error with UNION statement  

Hi I am trying to run the following statement in my access database that has links to tables in an oracle 8i database: (SELECT DISTINCT PRIME_TRS_LOG.INDEXNO, PRIME_TRS_LOG.DTE, PRIME_TRS_LOG.STATUS, PRIME_TRS_LOG.TEXT FROM PRIME_TRS_LOG WHERE (PRIME_TRS_LOG.INDEXNO=80 AND... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Inserting NULLS into MySQL database.  

Hi all, I'm completely new to this so please excuse if my code is all over the place - I've tried to copy and modify as much as possible. I am trying to create a website that will display the data from one database (mysql) and then return some of the data and some more user... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Passing parameters to oracle trigger  

Dear All, Is it possible to pass some parameters to an oracle trigger? I'm trying to write an oracle trigger to track audit trails of an oracle table and I want to pass some information which is not part of the oracle table so that it can be recorded in the audit trails, how... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Remove Time portion of date field  

Good Day Folks, I'm displaying a date field from an Oracle table in a datagrid with the following template. Does anyone know which date/time formatting string would remove the time portion of the field ? Thanks in advance /serge Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Please can u detect this error  

i have 2 comboboxes and i want 2 select form the first and make the other details 4 each selected item of the first such that when in select teh first value it insists on this value and can not be changed to whatever(The case i have) iwant to be static on the selected... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

convert string into bytes and store it into a blob field  

Hi, In c# web application, I have a string with html tags and ineed to save it into a blob field in database. How can i convert the string and save it into blob field in database? Can anyone give code snippet or links for how to convert and store it into database? Database:... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Suggest a Best Driver to connect Oracle in ASP.Net  

Hi, I am new bie for ASP.Net. I would like your suggestion to use the ideal driver to connect Oracle. I am using Oracle 8.1.7 as Database in my project. The following methods are available to connect oracle in ASP.Net. 1. ODBC 2. OLE DB 3. .Net Client for Oracle 4. ODP.Net... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

OdbcDataReader returns only the first row (not scalar!)  

hi, i'm converting a webapplications for use with pervasive.sql 2000i. instead of the sqlcomponents i'm using a odbcdatareader which get filled by a stored procedure. the only thing is that when i bind it to the dropdownlist it only shows the first row! function GetData() as... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012


Is there any features / function in which can determine whether a query return any rows or not? I remember I once saw it elsewhere (I couldnt recall now) and I'm not sure whether the HasRow exist or not. If yes how do I use it? Thanks! Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012

importing libraries (a newbie question)  

Hi, I'm really going to sound like an idiot asking this, but please bear with my incompetence. I'm just really new to I'm trying to connect to a Mysql database using ASP .net. This is my code: Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 21st of November 2012