Where would Jesus Code?

Folks looking to recruit developers to work on "Trading Systems" might try
the "Enron Alumni" group on LinkedIn.

Enron used Delphi to create some of the systems with which they performed
their little charade - and the real "Smartest in the room" Empowered

I know because I worked with several former Enron trading systems coders
(one was the system's architect, in fact) at ACCH, aka Argent Mortgage, aka
Ameriquest... now aka something else.

Proud Predators of the American Dream.

See, Delphi was one of the tools used to facilitate systemic corruption and
fraud within the Sub Prime industry; but Delphi is just a tool - and whether
or not the tool is used to achieve good or evil ends depends entirely upon
the integrity of the tool's user; and that's YOU.

After Argent purchased the source-code for Empower, their loan origination
system, changes were made to Empower. Changes like enabling the
falsification of FICO scores.

Why monkey with the FICO score Maybe because it's the only number of
significant value that can be used to verify the credit worthiness of "Liar
Loan" borrowers. Those loans were bundled up into securitized packages.
Could it be those securitized packages were rated using the aggregate FICO
score of the loans contained in those packages Witness AAA securities
downgraded to junk... hmmm... what happened there

Well, regardless, we are where we are - but this is not a "credit crisis",
no, it's an INTEGRITY crisis.

The compiler only verifies the integrity of the code - not the integrity of
the coder, or the end users.

Got Honor, Delphi coders -- or is "See no evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no
Evil" your credo

Will you facilitate the rape and pillage of your country and Empower these
pirates with the tools of their trade - or will you take a stand, and ACT to
clean up the systemic corruption that our skills are being used to

Will you clean up the system

It's up to you. Nobody else is going to do it. Nobody else can.

Your choice.

BTW, the folks recruiting for the NyLons should probably add "Quisling' to
their list of qualifications.


So hard to tell the difference these days.

One if by Land, Two if by Sea... and Three if by Wire Transfer.

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