functions in multithread applications

I wondered if using functions at the same time from threads can cause
errors. I'm asking this question because sometimes i got "Invalid floating
point operation" from MilliSecondsBetween function. Do i need to use
synchronization for calling this function what happens if two threads enter
a function at the same time
As my second question is GetMem function in Delphi ThreadSafe

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DateTime functions!

Hi! Is there a simple way to get in Delphi date time formated like this: Sat, 07 Sep 2002 09:42:31 GMT


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Saturday 22nd September 2012
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Detecting Windows applications closing event.

Ahmadi wrote: > Hi > Im writing a madule to make a report such as bellow (I want detect > close/and open event of win32 applications, one of my solution is > that i check in-memory applications at one small period(but its slow > and a bad way because make the user cpu busy, also don't detect small > in/out application running) i think maybe anyone know a better and > faster method, for example anyway that windows call my > routing/procedure after that it want open or close an application: The OS does not offer such a mechanism. The closest you can get is a shell hook (SetWindowsHookEx, type WH_SHELL) but hooks are generally things one should avoid (badly written hooks can crash Windows) and it would only work for applications that have a window. -- Peter Below (TeamB) Don't be a vampire (, use the newsgroup archives : , Ahmadi wrote: > The problem solved, if anyone have the same problem (my hook > problem), you must define callback function in share code segment or > define it in a DLL as export function, then loadLibrary(yourDll) and > then retrieve your ProcAdress(yourFunctionName) then pass the address > to setWindowHookEx, it will work fine. Search for thunk technique, is a trick for APIs callback, it can offer access to your current instance stuffs and can keep the code running on your system scope. -- []'s Gilberto Saraiva


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Sunday 23rd September 2012
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Delphi 2007 Change applications language to Italian?

Hi , I could do with a little help !! I have writeen a standard delphi VCL 32 bit application with Delphi 2007 (Codegear RAD Studio) and I have now been informed that the application may be sold in Italy. The application is obviously all in English. Is there an easy way that I can set the application to a different language at start up so that all labels, buttons, captions edit and memo boxes will display in italian and when the user enters in information it is saved in italian. The application will only be run on Windows XP service pack 2 or higher or Vista 32bit.


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Saturday 29th September 2012
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