"Enable Runtime Themes" blocks running from external programs

Hope someone has encountered this and can explain. Can't find it

I have several apps created in Delphi that can be called from 3rd party
programs. Recently I upgraded from an old Delphi to Delphi 2007. I am
running in XP.

When I compile with "Enable Runtime Themes", the compiled apps seem to
no longer recognize the calls from the 3-party programs. As best as I
can tell, the apps are not opening at all, as if external calls are

EXCEPT, I can run each of my apps from the other, although to do so I
had to modify the ShellExecute command in the calling program by setting
the Handle parameter to 0 (instead of a handle variable.) So the apps
are clearly able to receive a run command from another app, but for some
reason not from the 3rd-party apps.

If I turn off "Enable Runtime Themes", everything works fine.

Any ideas

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d2007 & runtime error 255

I have an app that runs on a flash drive and one of the functions is to make a clone of itself to a new flash drive. that works fine. At the end I tell the user to put back the original flash drive or continue working on the new one. When the dialog completes, if they leave the copied flash drive in place the program seems to work but doesn't. A separate empty window opens with the programs name but no content and it does nothing. I decided to restart the program at the end. My first approach was to to a postquitmessage followed by a shellexecute. That actually worked but after the program restarted, the cursor remains an hourglass for a bit and then a "This program performed blah..blah..blah" message popped up and when you close it I get a dialog box with Runtime error 255 at 0042021C. When I looked at the technical details it said "inpage error at ...". Nothing on Google for error code 255 seems relevant. I googled "restart Program" and found nearly the exact same thing I was doing except it was shellexecute first and then appliation terminate. I changed to that and it still fails exactly the same way -- every time. I tried this on vista and I get no such error messages. Note when I accept shutting down the program, the new instance works just fine so the error must be coming from the old instance. I'm just about ready to make a batch file to restart the program. Anyone have a better idea or know what the 255 error relates to Mostly I'm working in xp-pro on a ms vm on a vista business machine so I can't actually test the program there. I use a separate machine with xp-pro to test but the error also happens on XP-Home. --


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Wednesday 19th September 2012
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Using D6, deploy app with runtime packages..package collections editor?

I have an app that has been growing quite large as a single exe. Most of the runtime packages NEVER change. There are about 15 runtime packages that would need to be include with the app. This means 15 "dangling" packages in the application folder. It looks like the package collection editor will combine them all into a "dpc" file. This is a single six meg file, which seems to be exactly what I want, but how does my app use this file since the "build with runtime packages" only supports DCP... that's DCP files, not DPC files.


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Thursday 20th September 2012
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