Numeric SORT of a tstringList or tStrings  

Hello everybody, i have the following issue. I need to sort numerically a tStringList. can you help Me ? Thank you in advance, ELE EG. sort a list of bus lines 1 14 2 23 3 4 44 5 must ... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Question about UI updates from another thread  

Hi, I was looking for an (more effective than TThread.Synchronize) approach to call methods on the main (UI) thread and came up with the implementation below. Does somebody know if passing pointers with SendNotifyMessage is safe? MSDN says no, but ... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Request for votes on QC 58433 - improving code template popup dialog.  

I've added QC 58433 and I am requesting that people vote on it in the hopes that it makes it into the next version of Delphi. Here is the contents of the QC item: Code Template popup dialog should show ... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

sending output to stdout in a NON console app  

I have a win32 app (NOT a console app). I want to be able to send output to the cmd window if the exe is launched with certain CL parameters. Is this possible? TIA... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Store TObject in database  

Hi, I need to store a TObject in a database field, I think the fastest solution is to convert it to a string using streams, but I don't know how. I've already do it with TComponent, but I don't know ... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012


Hello, I've a problem to add a system-hotkey on VK_12 to my application to activate i.e. the minimized application by on keystroke. The same code succeeds for VK_10, VK_11. It fails however not only on my computer but at least ... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Java to pascal converter software  

Hi all, I am wanting to translate a Java application to pascal, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a Java to Pascal converter program to help me get started. I have googled, but to no avail... I do ... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012


Hello, I need to convert this string '5E-5' into an actual float value 0.00005. StrToFloat doesn't seem to work. I get the same number. How do I do this? -Anjali... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Find paired brackets  

Hi, How can I find the paired brackets (begin-end, (-), [-]) in RAD2007? Maybe select the embraced part of code? But without 3rd party installations, only native IDE! Thanks, John... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

DBGrid : changing Columns at Runtime ( D5)  

Hello, at DesignTime ( D5 ) I can with an active TTable select from the columns-list which shall be shown. As I want to select the colunms at runtime ( before calling my "BrowserForm" which shall browse different tables) I ... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Command line build questions : MSBUILD console output is either wickedlyverbose (compiling delphi .dprojs) or completely off.  

The output when building a project (.dproj) from MSBUILD contains a very long path: Target CoreCompile: C:\Program Files\CodeGear\RAD Studio\5.0\bin\dcc32.exe -B -I"C:\Progr s\CodeGear\RAD Studio\5.0\lib";"C:\Program Files\CodeGear\RAD Studio\5.0\ /[[...... twenty more lines just... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012


Hello. I work in delphi 6 on win xp, my problem is when run other program, delphi debugger this program then appear in delphi screen CPU. Is posible delphi debugger only compiling project from delphi and not other. I do ... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Mousewheel behaviour  

Hi, when I use the mousewheel in a Delphi 2007 application, then it affects the control that has focus. I would like to change that, that it always affects the control under the mouse cursor. Is there an option to ... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Setting Color of Buttons  

I was not able to change the (canvas? ) Color of a TButton ( or TSpeedButton). This should be able? or not? Regards Hanns... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Graceful exit from app  

What are the pitfalls, if any, of using Halt? I have an app where I undertake a series of checks in the formcreate event. If any checks fail, the user is prompted to correct and retry, or abort and exit. ... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

missing sourcefiles  

Hello, I found an Delphi-Project to manupulate LPT-Signals. When I try to run it there are files missing "dxExEdtr, dxEdLib, dxCntner, dxEditor". I found a Chinese-Site when I googled, but I was not able to read it $PHXLESSg$PHXGREAT. There where ... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

publisher warning  

John Cantin wrote: $PHXGREAT i'm sure there has to be a simple solution for this one... $PHXGREAT $PHXGREAT when i run my application, which is stored on a server, from client $PHXGREAT machines, i get a warning... $PHXGREAT $PHXGREAT "publisher ... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Dephi 2007 Quits After Startup  

Delphi 2007 for Win32 with the Dec. 2007 update applied. This just started happening about 2 weeks ago. If I start the Dephi IDE with a previous project, or start without a previous project then open one, as soon as ... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Help with help  

Delphi 5 Professional / Vista Home Premium: Installed and was working fine for months. Then, after not using Delphi for a while during which some other applications may have been installed the problem appeared. Pressing F1 or using the help ... Continue Reading
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Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Re: System tray problems  

Lorne a ?crit : $PHXGREAT By design my application only shows in the system tray. When the user $PHXGREAT passes the mouse over the icon I can pick up WM_MOUSEMOVE and show a popup $PHXGREAT menu above the icon. $PHXGREAT ... Continue Reading
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Sunday 25th of November 2012

Running the debugger with lower priority  

Hello Is there a way to run the application in the Debugger with lower process priority? A while loop somewhere chokes my system completely Delphi 2006 Explorer. Thanks, Vedran... Continue Reading
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Sunday 25th of November 2012

File Date of Executable  

Hi Guys, Is it possible to get the file timestamp of the currently running executable. The boss wants the executable's timestamp to display in the Help/About box. I haven't figured out how to get the handle of the running exe. ... Continue Reading
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Sunday 25th of November 2012

combine two tax tables  

I have two (or more) tax tables (e.g. federal and state) both held object in lists that I need to combine. e.g. Tabel 1: 0-10,000: 0% 10,000-25,000:10% 25,000+: 25% Table 2: 0-5,000:2% 5,000-12,5000:5% 12,500-20,000:6% 20,000-25,000:7% 25,000-35,000:8% 35,000+:10% would combine to: ... Continue Reading
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Sunday 25th of November 2012

right click select on TTreeView  

(D6) Hello, I've set the RightClickSelect propety to True and also set a pop menu to the tree. When the menu pops up (on the onpopup event) the selected item of the tree is the one wich I selected, but ... Continue Reading
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Sunday 25th of November 2012

How to minimize application to system tray panel  

Hi, I'm use the TTrayIcon component in my application(develop with D2007), I need minimize my app to the tray (don't show button on the Taskbar). Thanks! Visli... Continue Reading
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Sunday 25th of November 2012

Re: The latest Delphi 7 version  

Thanks, Peter. That almost helped. Apparently I am registered and allowed to logon but I am not registered to download anything so I cannot get updates for neither D7 nor D2006. There is nothing on the page that indicates a ... Continue Reading
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Sunday 25th of November 2012

TImage bug  

Hello! What's happened with TImage from Delphi 2007 in comparing with Delphi 7? Take a look at the screenshot: (2 KB) What is the vertical line in the center?? How I can remove it? Thanks, Vad... Continue Reading
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Sunday 25th of November 2012

[IQ]Run an application as a child of a container  

Hi i want run an application (a windows application) in my program. for example : "app2.exe" Also i want run it in my container, for example my program have a panel (that is container) and i want the panel be ... Continue Reading
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Sunday 25th of November 2012

Which compontne was clicked  

If you have many components on a form and the user clicks on one of them, is there an easy way to tell which one was clicked (i.e. not having an OnClick handler for each one.) -- Replace you know ... Continue Reading
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Sunday 25th of November 2012


Jeff wrote: $PHXGREAT I am using Studio 2007. Would anyone know how to get a $PHXGREAT TDBLookupCombox to display in a Column of the grid? Add a persistent field for the dataset and set its Lookup property to true, set ... Continue Reading
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Sunday 25th of November 2012