VERY Strange IE Behavior, FF/Chrome OK!

So I've created a form. With it I upload images and text. My form attributes are all correct and my button is a submit button for the form. I HAVE NO FUNCTION ASSOCIATED WITH THE ONSUBMIT EVENT! I do have a fair amount of javascript I wrote for for my image uploader but nothing too out of the ordinary. So in FF and Chrome the form submits and returns with no problems. In IE when I click the submit button or press enter to submit the form NOTHING APPEARS TO HAPPEN. However, if I click the submit button exactly how many times there are file input fields on the form it will submit in IE. :S I dynamically generate my file inputs when they "onchange", one after another, and absolutely position the previous one off the screen, to give a multiple file upload feel. Once again, with no onsubmit function associated with the form how could this possibly happen the file inputs have name attributes as required per I get no errors in IE, FF, or Chrome. But the form will not submit in IE ONLY until I press the submit button the exact number of times equal to the file input count! Any ideas\t
Posted On: Wednesday 7th of November 2012 10:44:42 AM Total Views:  352
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