asp:Table Control  

I am inserting an asp:RadioButton control into an asp:Table control using Visual Studio.NET.??On the design tab it seems necessary to insert the asp:RadioButton control onto the page outside of the table and then switch to the HTML tab to move the... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Open a new browser window controlling the size  

I need to open a new browser window when clicking on a button and control the size and features of the new window.??Can anyone help? Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Funky Drop Down LIst Box Bug (Possibly)  

Hey guys, tell me what you make of this code. What its doing is checkign to see if my page is accessed for the first time, or if its a postback. If it is accessed for the first time, fill a drop down listbox. Otherwise, just leave it as is. Problem... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

JMail - DownloadHeaders():  

DownloadHeaders():Can someone tell me exactly what this command does? It downloads all message headers and adds them in the Messages collection, but what exactly does it mean?It shows the messages on the 'inbox'? Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Deleting IIS Virtual Directories (dir.exe)  

Hey guys,my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong) is that if you delete a virtual directory, IIS will still keep the mapping (disallowing you to create a folder with the same name as a previously deleted virtual directory folder). A buddy... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Programmatically pressing F1 key on keyboard  

Hey Jack and guys,Do you know the code to make a program press the F1 key without touching the keyboard???In other words when I click a button I want the computer to respond as if I had pressed the F1 key.Kyle Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Installing .NET Framework SDK error  

Hi,I tried to install the SDK on NT4 Workstation but kept getting this error "Error 1335.??The cabinet file '_87_cookdoc.msm' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used."Did anyone run into this error... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

How can I define a dynamic session variable array  

Hi,all,How can I define a dynamic session variable array in, can I define a dynamic variable array in a web form?I am now using web application project in to develop But I can't find a good... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Accessing MSAccess2k w/out DSN  

Hopefully a simple one.I have a experiment site with access to .Net and can use MS Access 2000 databases (Brinkster), but can't for the life of me figure out how to connect to the database using the new .Net ADO/OLEDB stuff.All the MSDN... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

.NET Remoting Using HttpChannel  

I've used the .NET Remoting by listening on certain port on TcpChannel, but my company wants to compare it with the HttpChannel since my company have a lot of firewall, he suggest that the .NET Remoting listen on Http port (80)I change my... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Regexp in Validation Control  

Hey gang,I need to write a regexp for a validation control that will display the error message when it findsNo Client Selectedin the value.I have absolutly NO experience with regexp, and the opensource/php crowd doesn't seem... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Creating a New Text Box Class  

Hey guys,Got an interesting project that I'd love your input on:I find myself needing the web controls to have some sort of extra "Key" property, kinda like the old VB6 controls had, so that I can uniquely identify each control (the... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Windows Authentication  

Hi,??Does anybody know how to access windows nt user's credentials in an ASP program? ??I want to find out the role, user group of an user who logs in to the system. I don't know how to use windowsprincipal.isinrole.?Please... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Web.Config Browse Error  

I'm looking through my Solution Explorer at the Web.config file, and I right-click and see the options Open, Open With, and View in Browser.Out of curiosity, I try "View in Browser" and eventually get the following:Server Error in... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

DataGrid Paging...All Web Examples Wrong!  

Hey gang,I'm just now looking at getting paging to work in my datagrids. Here's my problem though:I have a whole bunch of examples I've found online that all basically look the same: you create a BindData sub, call it in your form... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

HELP Web Config Files are killing me.  

Hey all,Everything about web config files that I have read or seen indicate that you can have multiple web.config files (in different directories).??For example in the duwamish sample they have an extensive web.config in the web app root then... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

WebServices - Runtime Callable Wrapper  

Hello,Does anyone have good example of how to create a Runtime-Callable Wrapper (RCW) for a COM component in .net infrastructure.??Been looking on the net but can't find a good example.??The problem is that I am building a webservice... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Datalist problem with setting values to buttons  

Hi,I have a datalist with a template which among other things adds a button toeach item from the SQL Database. I need to set the value of the id field of the record inthe db to the button like this: Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Can't Query Database  

Can someone please help before I go stark, raving mad?!I'm trying to query an access database through an asp page.??I've set up a test at our home page on Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Where to store connection string  

I recently read this article on the best place to store a connection string. Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

ADO 2.7 and C#  

Does anyone know the syntax to open a recordset in C# from a command object?My syntax does not work RS.Open(oCmd,oCmd.ActiveConnection, CursorTypeEnum.adOpenStatic, LockTypeEnum.adLockReadOnly, 0)* There is no overload to specify... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Has anyone ever seen this error  

Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an objectI am trying to set the datasource of a listbox on a form to the arraylist generated from a custom control.My code looks like this:Protected withevents listbox1 as... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Converting ASP Class Files to the ASP.NET Platform  

I have recently just jumped on the ASP.NET bandwagon and I am trying to find a way to convert my class files to the way. So my question is this: does anyone know a good way to go about doing this? I have read the arguments of the... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

ASP.NET Quickstart Tutorial Source code not displaying  

HiI am working on??MS Visual Studio Enterprise Architech - English. When I open the link in ASP.NET Quickstart tutorial Samples 'View Source Code' Link in the samples It displays the following message(not showing original code).Source... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

calendar popup  

I can't seem to get my javascript popup calender to work properly.The calendar I am using is from and written by Kedar R. BhaveThe calendar... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

HTMLFileInput Control  

Is there a way to get the HTMLFileInput control to maintain the path in its text box when another control causes a post back???I have thought about using validator controls for all other controls on the form but this won't do as some of my... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Challanging Tree View Problem  

Hey guys,I have a tree view. When I load it, it has 200 + nodes added to it, and is displayed with 2 levels expanded. Since this tree view is a userinterface for security settings, I have checkboxes viewable on the treeview.What i'd... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Help with using "For...Next"  

I want to create a set of HyperLinks which call a function, i.e.ABut I want to do this for the entire alphabet. Is there some way I can iterate through the letters using a... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

URGENT :: How to get form variable's value in javascript function   

Hi ,???I want to use javascript for some simple client side validations, like if there are 2 textboexes, and if I write in second textbox, & first textbox is null , I want to give alert that first textbox value is null and the focus should be... Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

Repeating a header for a datagrid  

Has anyone out there gotten the header on a datagrid to repeat?I have a report that I would like to simply repeat the header every 6 lines, and am having a helluva time getting it to work.?? Continue Reading
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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013