3char .ORG domains worth anything?

are 3 character .ORG domains worth anything if so then about how much & I don't mean meaningful words, just any 3 char .ORG domain or a .BIZ or .INFO domain. , 3 character domains are worthless imo, if you had a 3 letter domain it would be alot better. , There's a handful (quite a few, actually) .org, .info, and .biz 3-char domains out there unregistered. I don't think you can sell them for very much just yet.

I own 1b5.com AND 1b5.net, which is a pretty cool coincidence. I've had 1b5.net for a while (paid like, $3 for it), and picked up 1b5.com from someone who happened to be selling it a few weeks ago for $15 (I think).
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Register (up to) 25 FREE .info domains!

http://NameSecure.com currently has a special where they let you register up to 25 .INFO domain names... for free! I came across this offer when updating my site with interesting domain/webmaster goodies; (so) I am not affiliated with NameSecure or anything. Yours In Success, Rob


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Friday 26th October 2012
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Multiple domains from single hosting

If I host multiple domain form single hosting plan, all website will get single one IP If I purchase reseller account then also all domain get same IP Generally Google gives value for link, when it comes from different IP. I want to host 10 website and link my 2 website one way. Except dedicated IP for each website is there any option available Kindly suggest me your opinion. , Originally Posted by sequencehosting It would be if they were changing domain name but they want to link multiple sites together without redirecting. Jack I believe they need SEO hosting solution. I know hostgator provides somathing related. But the price for the dedicated IP is high in comparisin to ordinary web hosting accounts. , IPs for SEO related reasons are going to be harder and harder to come by (and as such more and more expensive) as IPv4 gets closer to depletion. As Dan said unless you're doing "black hat" SEO where you're doing things you're not really "supposed" to do to game the system and SERPs then being on the same IP isn't going to create any problems.


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Thursday 29th November 2012
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