Linear Interpolation and arrays/functions

I need serious homework help...

Here is the exact homework assignment I have been's due in twelve hours (time stamp 01:35 AM, OCT 31st) Due by 12:15AM EST OCT 31st.

Homework #6 ESC151 Fall 2007 Due Wednesday Oct. 31
Wind Tunnel, Linear Interpolation. Topics: arrays, functions.

The data file tunnel.txt contains two columns of data: the first column is the flight-path angle (in degrees), and the second column is the corresponding coefficient of lift. The flight-path angles will be in ascending order. Write a single C program that will perform the following tasks:
1. Read the data in tunnel.txt into two 1-dimensional arrays, angle and lift. Use the EOF method for reading data. Program should include the NULL statement to verify that the file is present.
2. Prompt the user to enter a flight-path angle. If the angle is out of range of the data, print a message and have them enter another value. If the angle is within range, use linear interpolation (see section 2.5 of the text) to determine the expected coefficient of lift for that angle.
3. The interpolation should be done within a function. The function should also check if the requested angle exactly matches one of the angles in the data file. If it does match, there is no need to do an interpolation. Instead, print a message and return the coefficient of lift value to the main program. If interpolation is done, the interpolated coefficient of lift is returned to the main program.
4. In the main program, print the angle requested, and coefficient of lift.
5. Your main program should prompt the user to enter an angle three times (not including any invalid entries).
6. Write all the results to an output file. At the top of the output file, your program should write your name, section number, and homework #6.
7. Test your program using the following angles: 5, 25, 12, -10, 9
Email your source code (lastname.cpp) to Pruk due 5 pm on the due date. Subject line: HW6 Section number Lastname
Hand in hardcopies of your source code (lastname.cpp) and output file stapled together. If your program does not run correctly, please indicate this in writing on the source code hardcopy. Indicate whether you are getting compiler errors and/or warnings, run-time errors, and/or incorrect results.
Only the hardcopy will be graded. A select number of electronic programs will be executed and reviewed. Your electronic file must correspond to the hardcopy handed in.

Grading scale for homework (10 points maximum):
5 points: program executes correctly according to given directions
1 points: electronic source code, corresponding to hardcopy
1 points: proper style, formatting, and comments
3 points: code is efficient and follows specifications

Please help me...I'm supposed to be an engineer but I don't f*cking get this...F*ck...
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