ASP Optimisation Questions  

Hello all, I'm currently working on a rewrite of a large website system, the idea is that there's a standard set of code to create catalogue pages which can be customised by any designer. Currently the system doesn't work very well, it's too complicated for any... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

error message when trying to send form  

hello, i am not very familiar with ASP at all, so any help would be greatly appreciated. On ourform at, we get an error message... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

TinyMCE is Expiring The Session  

Hi,I am using TinyMCE WYSWIG editor in a CMS built in ASP. Now whenever I try to insert an Image Into the WYSWIG editor, the Session variable used in the Page is getting Expired. can someone tell me how this can be solved. Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

Form Creation using loop  

Hi Can u help?I am trying to build a dynamic form based on user input.Here is the story i want a user to select how many times he/she wants to add a product and then depending on the number selected draw x number of input boxes for product name,price... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

Finding a row in a dataset  

I am trying to find a row in a datagrid to update my dataset but i keep getting the following error:System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.Here is my code, the bold line is the line with the error: Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

check duplicate name  

hi,I have a signup form.I would like to be able to check for duplicate entries during the signup.E.g. Check for duplicate 1. Usernames2. Phone numbersHow could this be achieved ?My code basically is two fold.1. A... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

Update "alt" attribute in IMG tag  

It?s the very first time I fiddle with ASP.I?m trying to dynamically update the alt attribute in a HTML img tag.I?ll post the whole code to explain : Code: Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

Checking for multiple existing values  

Hey guys, as you may know im building a website / database and i am quite close to completion for my signup page I have a check that will make sure the... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

How do I read an external page  

I'm no ASP/VBScript guru, but I need to read a page from another domain, extract some information, and format it inside one of our own pages at the office.Just to make one thing clear: I'm not ripping off someone else's page. The external site handles employment ads, and we're... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012


hello,Am wondering if its ok to use justTrim(Request.Form("txtFromName"))or to use both rTrim(ltrim(Request.Form("txtFromName"))) ? Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012


I'm a marketer totally out of my depth here... need some basic advice. Please and thanks.I've just taken a client who has a membership-based site served as aspx. Yhe relationship with his current host/developer is going south and I need to switch to new hosts and find someone to... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

Need constant refresh of Data  

Hi, I have a MS Access DB and I can connect to it and read from it. BUT the data in the db is constantly changing(its temperature readings) and I want to display these changing values on my webpage. I know I can do this with a update button, but I would like it to be automatic.... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

inventory system calculation  

I have 3 tables: PO, POD, Item PO: POID, del_status POD: PODID, POID, item_id, qty_order Item: item_id, qty_si When I add first PO, the result is correct. I have 2 rec in POD item_id | qty_order 1 | 10 2 | 20 result in... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

How To Create Cross Domain cookies  

What libraries would I need installed, or what configuration to the server is needed, to allow me to set a cookie on '' that can be read on No log-in, just using a cookie from a form on site 1 (name) and being able to print out their name on site 2, without... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

Code changes when inserted in edit forms  

I am developing a website using Dreamweaver, ASP and Access databases. I have set up a database with information on books including URL links to sites and also to graphics, and when the relevant page takes the information from my uploaded database, it works perfectly. However, I... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

Writing to Access  

I have written the following code to write a value to an access database:MM_Connect_REGISTER="Driver={Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb)}; DBQ=D:\Applic\ord_dBase\Register.mdb"set cnDb = server.createobject("ADODB.connection") Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

global.asa event Session_End  

I need to clear the shopping cart when the application is closed. The shopping cart is DB driven and is only used by the employees of the company. below is the code, am i missing some thing here as this is not getting executed. Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

getting recordcount as -1  

SET objRds = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")objRds.CursorType = 1 objRds.LockType = 3 'adLockOptimisticobjRds.ActiveConnection = strSql objRds.Recordcountwhen i run the srl in query anaylzer, i get records, more than 1 Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

group table problem  

hello, i want a page that shows each location within a separate table.i then want that locations departments that have deals listed beneath within that locations table.i also would like the current deals (countcurdeal) and the forward deals (countfwdeal) displayed next to each... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

Customer Orders By Fax--solution  

Hi There,I have a small team who are building e commerce sites for different clients .One of our client wants his customer orders to be faxed directly to him........Can anyone suggest some solution..Thanks in advanceANI Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

verify my query statement  

What's wrong with this? Code: SELECT * FROM biblewheel_url INNER JOIN bible ON biblewheel_url.letter_id = bible.book_spoke WHERE ( text_data like '%number%' OR text_data... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

Wildcard not working  

I have an Access database. I am using a dropdown search box. One of the options is "Search All States" and I set the value to %. In the recordset on the results page, I have the default set to %. Here is the SQL statement: Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

Arrays with Zero as value  

Hi there,I'm retrieving an array from a stored procedure which creates a table.This is the result1 25 23 45 65 45 152 65 25 78 6 5 203 14 148 62 54 3 214 21 ... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

Should I Switch to ASP  

Hey ASP-Folks,I'm thinking about switching from PHP to ASP development for what would be the next 18-24 months for a specific project. It means most of my PHP development would just stop and I'd be up to my eyeballs in ASP.What cool things does ASP bring to the table... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

Course Management System (Calender)  

I've done a search but can not find anything that fits my needs. I have a potential client who wants to promote courses through a website, the user will select a course through the main Nav, the page of course details needs to link to an updateable calendar that will allow the... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

help with - session.timeout  

I'm working on an ASP classic application. I wish to set my session.timeout to 1 minute for testing purposes. I placed session.timeout = 1 in the global.asa but it seems not to be working because the session is still I alive. I can still browse through the application. How do I do it and... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

removing (trimming) a comma (,) programatically  

hi guys! i have a web application that will query the users from our Active Directory, my connection and query strings look like this: PHP Code: Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

Viewing Folders in a Drop down Menu  

Hi I expect this has been covered before but I can't anything to reflect this....How (with code) can you view folders within a directory from within a drop down menu?Thanks Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

Error Type Server object ASP 0177 (0x800401F3) Invalid class string  

Error Type Server object ASP 0177 (0x800401F3) Invalid class stringSet objUpload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Jpeg") Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012

ASP Server.Execute ASPX file  

Hi all,I am trying to execute an ASPX file through ASP by using an intermediate ASP page to post values to the ASPX file, but on completion of the ASPX file, control is not returned to the calling page.Basically I have this structureStep1.asp -> Place... Continue Reading
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Friday 26th of October 2012