What's the nearest equivalent of DateTime.TryParse() in classic asp  

I need to do some validation in classic asp on some user-supplied strings to make sure they are valid dates. How can I parse the string to a date while checking for type mismatch exceptions...So far it's looking alot harder than I thought! Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

ASP image button with frames  

I am using with on command and command args which will redirect to a new page . But the new page is being displayed in the same frame. I want the page to be displayed on the different frame. What i should do for that.Thanks and Regards Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Array combination with classic asp  

how can i create different combination by using array elements? * Dim arr(4) arr(0)="a" arr(1)="b" arr(2)="c" arr(3)="d"for example: with 3 element[a,b,c], [a,b,d], [a,c,d], [b,c,d]for example: with 2 element[a,b], [a,c], [a,d], [b,c], [b,d],... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Object Required - when trying to write to file  

I get an Object Required error message when the following code runs. Can any help please, classic ASP isn't my strong point. Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Validation for Form and QueryString in ASP Classic using Regex. Almost working but missing something  

I'm trying to add some Input Validation in Classic ASP by using the function/code seen below.The only one that looks like it's working correctly is the "text" type. the others I keep getting errors or it just does not filter correctly.I'm trying to understand what I'm doing wrong please... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Logic issues in asp+mysql  

I have a logic problem.I have some clients, in a MySQL database table.The client number is the primary key.Here are some examples of client numbers (ex: 10127, 8520053).I'm using asp and I want to insert this in a table(array) and use the client number as the index.Like you may... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Will VS 2012 support classic asp  

I have a classic asp application that I've been developing with Visual Studio 2010 and it's been the best version of Visual Studio for that yet. Will Visual Studio 2012 continue supporting classic asp? Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

x64 PC cannot connect to Salesforce from classic ASP  

I can connect to Salesforce using classic ASP on my x86 computer, but when I try to connect on my x64 (Windows 7) PC, I get error: "ActiveX component can't create object". The code I use is: Set SforceApi = server.CreateObject("SForceOfficeToolkit4.SForceSe?ssion4")I... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Why can't I enter a NULL value using Numeric or Date type in Postgresql  

I'm doing a little application for the work and it includes a form. When the person using the form doesn't put a value in a data type "numeric" (lets say a PIN number) or even a date in one of my "date" Data Type fields (lets say his anniverssary), it returns me with the errors as... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Classic ASP : design and spaghetti code  

I am stuck in front of a design problem for one of my script. Its role is to be a kind of an adapter between an xml file and javascript. In other terms, it reads xml datas and generates a javascript code with respect to them. At the moment, I have one big file that does that. Since I want... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Securing classic asp ajax call  

I need to be able to add javascript to an existing classic asp page that does an ajax query to a service a remote service. My theory is that the javascript would call a proxy asp page that would actually call the service (to hide the actual url called). How can I ensure that the... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

RecordSet, Checking the Last Record  

I am using the google chart framework based on a data in database...I need to generate an output like:([ ['Year', 'ON', 'OFF', 'X1', 'X2'], ['Jan/12', 2, 5, 10, 9], ['Fev/12', 5, 10, 54, 10], ['Mar/12', 10, 36, 15, ... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Is a connection class in classic ASP overkill  

I am stuck with some classic asp files at the moment, but I'd like to consolidate some of the code. I found this and wanted to get an opinion. Is this overkill? Would a robust connection class be useful? I was going to try to create as best I could a separation of concerns, and I'm... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

T-SQL CTE + classic asp - which CommandType to use  

I have a CTE statement. When I try to execute in with classic asp the parameter is not replaced correctly:Set cmd=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")cmd.ActiveConnection = objConnectioncmd.CommandText = " my CTE is here"cmd.CommandType =... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

FileSystemObject with Classic ASP does not working good on IIS7+ Win server 2008  

Recently i move my classic asp application from Windows XP + IIS5 to Windows Server 2008 + IIS7.It is almost everything working fine except one thing... the FileSystemObject doesn't reach files or folders on shared folder in remote PC.The following code always results with "File Doesn't... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Classic ASP - Create JSON object and store in database  

Background.I have a requirement to transfer transaction data between different servers/databases (all servers are using the same business application). To achieve this, I am planning to store the data to be transferred from the 'source' database as a CLOB in oracle.As the... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Need a quick and simple classic asp page to query records from a sql server database  

I know this seems elementary, but I have been looking for 2 days and all i find is snippets that dont work. I am simply trying to have a web page dynamically display the contents of a table with 4 columns.Need by tomorrow!Help!Thank you! Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Classic ASP: inserting into an array and getting type mismatch  

I am trying to insert an int into one array and a string into another. For some reason I can't insert the int or string no matter how I try. Here is the codedim siteList,siteNameList, strQuerySet oConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") set oRs =... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

FSO OpenTextFile with french characters  

Using ASP's file system object (FSO), I'm trying to read a txt file with OpenTextFile that contains French characters (e and a with accents for e.g). Those characters come out wrong.I tried specifying the Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

How to redirect ASPpage.aspid=x to PHPpage.phpid=x  

I have a dynamic news website written in ASP now I would like to change to PHP server which doesn't support ASP page.I have page like somepage.asp?id=x now how can I redirect the page to somepage.php?id=xand still keep my old visitors pointing the asp... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Asp Login with global  

I used asp log in in my registration is like this:1- somebody register himself with create user asp.2- his username pass to the next page for additional information. 3-all of these information will be save in a unique table.the problem is:if the internet disconnected for... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Save filenames in arabic using classic asp  

Hey guys i am creating a runtime jnlp file for download and in that i got stuck up with the filename since it has arabic or other languages some time as the filename takes from username... when creating with that i get the file name as "اخطاء البرنامج.jnlp"my code for... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Replacing with \ in ASP  

As the title suggests, I am trying to replacing a " with the escape character \". The reason I am doing this is because there is a quote in my string that represents inches and this string needs to be run through javascript code.However, when I run my string in the javascript code,... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

OWASP in Classic ASP  

I am trying to use the OWASP with some Classic ASP app, but did not found much information in how to do it, like a step-by-step.The site seens to be the startup point: Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

CSS Menu glitch on mouseover  

I have an old CSS menu from CSSPlay (click here to see original), which serves quite well up to now, but every now and then, I have this odd glitch.Normally, the various submenus display when you mouseover the... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

I`m getting following asp error  

Im constantly getting following error,I searched in all websites,couldnt find it,this is my error "Microsoft Active Server Pages(0x80040259)An external object raised an error. No Error Description Available."I`m not sure why am getting this.Plz help... ... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

ado.recordset losing fields  

I'm working on an old classic asp project. The database is structured terribly, each row is well in excess of limits (18 different nvarchar(2000), numerous nvarchar(256), and more...)I made a small fix which changes the order in which the fields are retrieved from the... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Classic ASP VBScript return PC name issue  

EDIT - Better asked maybe I need to get the value from the VBScript variable NAME into the ASP form, any attempt to reference the variable other than print it to the screen is ignored.this is on an intranet, only for internal use, and IE is used at the lowest security settings so... Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

file path to the server classic asp  

Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012

Mvc IFRAME, WebClient  

get content my mvc razor projectThese will consist of only the user side.According to Page files makes IP address. Continue Reading
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Friday 17th of August 2012